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Alisha & Nikun

Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson

"Meeta was our Day-of-Coordinator for our wedding in October 2019. Neither my husband or I were physically located in New Jersey where we hosted our wedding, and she had a huge hand in making planning from a different state practically seamless- she would go above and beyond to help out with any small obstacles that we would occasionally come across. In the few months leading up to our wedding weekend, she was always on top of everything and made sure we on track with everything that we needed to get done in the weeks leading up. She worked with us to create timelines for us, our vendors, as well as our family/wedding party (which they were all especially thankful for during the weekend). We were in regular contact via WhatsApp and she was always available whenever we had any questions, which was a huge reason why we were able to sit back and enjoy our wedding weekend, knowing that all the details have been taken care of. She would even remember small miscellaneous items that we had previously told her that we were having trouble finding, and would check-in with us about them and go out of her way to help us find them if she could, or find an alternative - she did not have to do things like that, but you could tell that she genuinely cares about her clients and wants to help them!

During the wedding weekend Meeta and her team went above and beyond for us and we are so thankful that we had them by our sides. A couple days before the wedding we had to make a last minute call on what we wanted to do based on the weather forecast (the ceremony was outdoors), and my husband and parents were all busy at the time that the venue needed an answer - I was overwhelmed without them to help decide what we should do, and Meeta was so supportive and talked everything through with me and my MoH to help come to a final decision. Throughout the whole wedding day Meeta and her team were so calm, organized, professional, and made sure we had eaten! Our family and wedding party even commented on how on top of everything they were and how pleasant they were to have around. By the end of the night we were so sad when it was time to say goodbye, as we had such an amazing experience meeting them and working with them!"


Drashti & Samir

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Royal Albert's Palace


"Meeta her team did an AMAZING job on our wedding! I am not exaggerating even a bit when I say that this wedding would not have been possible without Planories.

The days leading up to wedding are usually so stressful but the Planories team was highly organized and professional. They coordinated with all our other vendors such as photographer, videographer, DJ, makeup artists and made a timeline which was very easy to follow. A lot of times I would forget to reach out to the vendors or wouldn't have time but Meeta was always persistent and made sure that things were done. They took away such a big load off of us and we were actually able to enjoy the festivities without any stress!

On the day of the wedding the team coordinated everything extremely effortlessly and perfectly. They were in my hotel room at 6am while I was getting ready and took care of the smallest things like even bringing me a fruit bowl from the Hotel kitchen! I remember Meeta working with us as late as 11:30pm to get the sitting chart finalized after going back and forth a lot with both side of the family! They literally work around the clock to make sure everything is done.

If you are getting married or have a big event coming up, get this team ASAP! You will not regret it. They will make sure your event goes smoothly and will take away all the planning stress. Once again, my wedding would not have been possible without this fabulous team."

Poorva & Zach

The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village

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"Meeta and her team did a crazy amazing job at keeping my husband and I on time for all our events. Meeta helped us put together a very detailed timeline of our events and took care of distributing this information to the involved parties prior to the wedding day. We had two ceremonies, a cocktail hour, and reception in one day which was making everyone nervous scheduling wise but Meeta and her team made our wedding day fun and relaxing. Everything was taken care of and a team member was with either me or my husband updating us on the status of all the vendors and activities as per our request. So many of my guests kept complimenting my family and I on how organized and well planned the wedding was. People were pretty shocked to see an Indian wedding start exactly on time and continue without any glitches. Could not recommend this team more to any couples in the tri state who are looking for trustworthy and reasonable planners/coordinators. As a bride or groom you end up spending so much of your wedding day with vendors, it’s really important that you hire personable, trustworthy, and fun vendors. Zach and I were pretty upset we wouldn’t get to spend as much time with this team after the wedding."


Pooja & Jeff

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The Venetian


"Pooja and I had our wedding September of 2019. It took place over three days and had around ~250 guest. We had a hefty number of vendors to coordinate, schedule that needed ongoing revision, and multiple conflicting considerations – Pooja and I were so grateful to have the Planories team have the pieces come together. Meeta did an outstanding job of taking our vision and ideas, guiding us on this huge endeavor and keeping us organized throughout. Meeta emailed us regularly to keep us on top of our action items, drafted individual schedules for our wedding party, coordinated with vendors, and just generally helped us keep our cool. On our wedding day, Pooja and I were able to just enjoy it. If there were any hitches, I wouldn’t be able to tell you as the Planories team was on point and very pleasant. I highly recommend Planories for any event you may be planning in the future."

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Khushboo & Preetam

The Swan Club

"Meeta was instrumental in making sure my husband and I had the perfect wedding week! In the months leading up to the wedding, Meeta was friendly, patient, responsive, supportive, and overall a joy to work with. She made herself available at all times to answer our questions and was instrumental in making sure that we were prepared ahead of time for the wedding. She took lead on coordinating with our vendors and making all the schedules and timelines for our vendors, wedding party, and families. During the week of the wedding, she made sure that both my husband and I were comfortable with the schedule of events and would loop us in when needed. We appreciate her dedication to her job and her incredible support in making sure we had the perfect wedding! Thank you Meeta for all your help - we truly couldn’t have done it without you!"


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Kumpal & Ravindra

The Imperia


"Words can't describe how happy we are that we went with Planories to orchestrate our special day. Meeta worked with us night and day in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding. She organized all of the timelines for our vendors, bridal party and family members. She put out a bunch of fires for us while managing all of the finer details of our wedding week. She met with me after work to check out mehendi vendors, came with us to some of our vendor meetings, and sat with us for hours reviewing the timeline over and over again to make sure we didn't miss anything. She is organized, dedicated, patient, hardworking, and she always has the right vision. I could easily tell her what I had in mind for something and she would give me her honest opinion, and then help make my ideas come to life. On the day of our wedding, there were so many little things that had to be adjusted with decor, DJ, food prep and parts of the ceremony. Meeta and her team worked seamlessly to make sure everything was executed properly so we wouldn't be stressed on our big day. She is a genuine person who isn't just doing this for the business; she is doing it for the clients. Small gestures like bringing me food while I got my hair and makeup done at 5 am on my wedding day are not required of any wedding planner but Meeta did it because she cares about making sure her bride and groom have their best day. One thing that really hit home is the way Meeta and her team handled the day. Weddings are stressful because of how many people who you have to instruct on what to do and where to be. People don't always listen and tend to resist. Not only did the Planories team make sure everyone was on track, they did it with the utmost respect. They were calm, collected and always had a solution to the little things that went wrong. If you are looking for someone who is genuine, honest and responsible, go with Planories for your wedding or any other event. Meeta and her team will work hard to give you your dream event."

Ashley & Satish

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Royal Albert's Palace

"With less than a month remaining for our marriage from the time we got engaged and having to work 8-5 (PST), coordinating and taking care of wedding arrangements in New jersey (EST) was going to be an impossible task for me and Ashley. This is when we got to know about Meeta our lovely wedding planner. She took full responsibility of the entire event from the word go ( our very first call with her ). She was on top of the minutest of things we were worried about. Some of the things she helped us with were invitation cards, decorations, hotel stays, wedding rings, traditional dress, DJ, food menu, wedding license and co-ordination of events. Communication with her was super fast and easy. She not only helped us get things done on time but also within our budget. I highly recommend you guys to go with Meeta because she has many contacts as well as much information and ideas to perfectly plan your event of a lifetime."


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Smit & Kinjal

Ashirwad Palace

"Hiring Planories/Meeta as our wedding planner has been one of the best decisions we have made in the entire wedding process. We simply cannot get over the fact on how beautiful and organized all of our events were because of her. My husband and I had some crazy ideas for our special day and no idea was too crazy for Meeta. There was never a time when we felt that our ideas were hard to do or would be a challenge to make it happen infact it was just the opposite! She entertained every crazy ideas of ours and made it even special by adding her magic touch to them. She put in a lot of time researching about our likes and materialized every wish of ours. To this day, we hear from our family on how well coordinated our wedding day was. We initially like many couples didn’t think that we needed a wedding planner but boy! Were we wrong!. It was only after she started helping us out with our wedding planning we realized what we were missing out on and how much stress we could have avoided by having her sooner. Our day turned out to be flawless; she was on top of everything from the beginning till the very end. Not once did our family or we feel that something was missing or had to be taken care of. Everything went as we planned or I should say better than we had imagined. She was in touch with our venue manager, our mandap, DJ and photographers on the big day to make sure everything happened on schedule as planned. When the mandap people were setting up our reception backdrop she infact suggested a few things last minute and made it look 10 times better. She even sneaked in food for us right before the reception started so that we were not starving. Usually people never get to eat at their own weddings but Meeta made sure we were fed and full of energy. Her presence of mind and quick thinking was nothing less than a blessing. We cannot thank her enough for all her efforts because we know it wouldn’t have been what it was without her help! THANK YOU SO MUCH MEETA!"

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